Marc Gasol Reveals What He Told Joel Embiid After The Raptors Won Game 7

05.15.19 2 months ago

Getty Image

Amid all the insanity at the end of Game 7 between the Raptors and Sixers on Sunday, which ended with Kawhi Leonard’s unbelievable buzzer-beater that bounced around every centimeter of the rim before finally falling through and sending Toronto to the conference finals, it was hard to take stock of everything that went down in the immediate aftermath.

First, there were the instant-classic images, whether it was Kawhi literally sitting down on the court and frozen in time as the ball hovered impossibly above the cylinder, or the astonished looks on the faces in the crowd, any of which now look like a Renaissance painting if you zoom in on them.

As the arena erupted into chaos and pandemonium, it was almost easy to miss perhaps the most touching moment of all, the image of Marc Gasol delaying his celebration so that he could console an utterly devastated Joel Embiid, the friend and opponent he’d battled fiercely against the entire series.

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