Matt Barnes Reportedly Choked A Woman In A New York Nightclub

Matt Barnes allegedly choked a woman in a New York nightclub and is wanted for questioning by police, according to a report by TMZ.

The Kings lost 106-98 to the Knicks on Sunday afternoon, and it seems Barnes went to blow off steam at Avenue Nightclub. TMZ has video of Barnes leaving the club early Monday morning with teammate DeMarcus Cousins.

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us cops got a 911 call to Avenue Nightclub after midnight, reporting a man assaulting 2 women and another man. We’re told things got physical when Barnes allegedly choked one woman during an argument — and when 2 other people tried to intervene … he punched both of them.

In the video, Matt and a teammate — it appears to be DeMarcus Cousins — are talking about the fight. The teammate is clearly heard saying, “Matt hit the s*** out this ni***!”

Barnes and the Kings next game is in Dallas against the Mavericks on Wednesday night, so questioning Barnes or conducting any sort of investigation will probably prove to be difficult if he’s already left New York.

In March 2016 as a member of the Memphis Grizzles, Barnes was suspended one game for trying to get into the Milwaukee Bucks locker room following an on-court skirmish with John Henson, the former host of Talk Soup, the former UNC forward. There was also the whole Derek Fisher thing that resulted in Barnes being slapped with $35,000 worth of fines for threatening Fisher.

But the important thing here is that Barnes is just misunderstood. He doesn’t think violence is the answer to problems and if there is violence, he immediately regrets it.

OK, maybe not. The NYPD may want to stop Barnes before he gets on that plane to Dallas.