Max Used The Celtics Parade To Remind You That You Can Watch ‘Uncut Gems,’ A Movie About The Celtics (Kinda)

The city of Boston is having a pretty good Friday. The Celtics won the 18th championship in franchise history this week, as they won Game 5 of the 2024 NBA Finals over the Dallas Mavericks at TD Garden. And after the players got a few days to celebrate, everyone came together and went through the streets of Boston with the Larry O’Brien trophy.

One thing that usually happens during big events like this is brands find a way to get involved with them as a way to promote stuff. You have almost certainly noticed this with quite literally anything and everything, and the fine folks over at Max did just that with the Celtics parade, as it used the event as a way to remind everyone that you can watch Uncut Gems.

If you have not seen Uncut Gems, the Celtics are very prominently involved in it, in large part because Kevin Garnett plays Kevin Garnett in the movie. It’s really good! Adam Sandler plays a degenerate gambler, he’s great in it. I highly recommend checking it out at some point, and if you still want to watch movies involving the Boston Celtics after that, maybe you can watch Celtic Pride or something.