The 2021 McDonald’s All American Class Looks Toward The Future Of The Game

There is no greater honor in high school basketball than being named a McDonald’s All American. To be crowned with that title puts you in the ranks with players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Candace Parker, and LeBron James — athletes who are either already in the Hall of Fame or are going to be enshrined the moment they become eligible.

The road ahead is flush with that kind of potential for this year’s class, both on and off the court. 2021 brings a group of young athletes to our attention; ballers who have hurdled over obstacles and setbacks while demonstrating uncommon perseverance and creativity to continue developing their games and pursuing their dreams. There’s no asterisk attached to the names of these players despite not getting a game to show off their talents, only an exclamation point that calls attention to the statement they’ve made by continuing to post up. A level of strength that’s on display as we get to know them just a little bit in the above mini-doc.

In their own words, we get to hear about their journey, the lessons they’ve learned, and their hopes and dreams as they prepare to take the next steps toward a future that translates hype into legacy, continuing the thread of greatness that’s run through every past generation of McDonald’s All Americans. Something that will continue into next year and beyond thanks to a never say quit attitude that allowed this class to play on.