This Guy Has Michael Jordan And Kobe Bryant Dueling Calf Tattoos

You’re a huge NBA fan. To such an extent, in fact, that you decide to get a script tattoo on either calf reading “I Love This Game” – the league’s defunct slogan from the 1990s. But maybe we should give you a bit more benefit of the doubt with regard to your basketball-centric tats.

Maybe you’re the rare, nuanced NBA follower who can equally appreciate the merits of both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. You want to show the world just how mature your approach to the game is, and think the best way to do it is getting ink of not just the greatest player ever, but also his most worthy heir. And here’s the kicker: You want two of the league’s most notorious competitors staring each other in face, readying for the dream 1-on-1 battle of which the basketball world was mostly deprived.

So, where will you get these tattoos? Your calves, of course! And how will you immortalize Jordan and Bryant forever? With tattooed busts of their bald domes and snarling faces. But what will you put under their heads, just to really get the point across?

“I Love This Game,” of course.

Yup. We’re pretty, pretty certain that was exactly the thinking behind this entirely unique ink.

[Via Santiago Macchio – Tattoo Monkey] [h/t Darren Rovell]