You Never Trash Talk Michael Jordan, As Blue Jays Star Josh Donaldson Learned

Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson has a reputation for being pretty intense. At least that’s the feeling we got from the time he melted down in the dugout and screamed at his manager. But hey, you’re not playing baseball the right way if you’re not passionate and fired up and screaming at people in your own dugout every now and then, so we cut the guy some slack. Also, he might pummel us with a bat if we say something bad about him.

But any truly competitive athlete appreciates the presence of another great, competitive athlete, and Donaldson recently had the chance to play golf with and learn an important lesson from arguably the greatest, most competitive athlete of all-time: Michael Jordan. And as we know about MJ, the dude is the king of talking trash, and he will just laugh at fools who try to exist on his level. Still, you miss the shots you don’t take, so Donaldson had a little fun with the GOAT when they talked basketball as they golfed.

Specifically, he told MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, Donaldson told Michael-freaking-Jordan that he’d put the ball in Reggie Miller’s hands if he needed a game-winning shot. As you can see in the video, Jordan’s reaction was obvious and perfect.