More on Iverson-to-Charlotte, and Shaq’s newest nickname

08.23.09 9 years ago 20 Comments

After quite a few media outlets picked up on our report in yesterday’s Smack that Allen Iverson had agreed to a contract with the Bobcats, Charlotte Observer beat writer Rick Bonnell refuted the claims of our NBA source, citing a “great source” who told him A.I. and the ‘Cats haven’t agreed to anything just yet, but there is a chance something will happen soon. We’re not gonna get into a “Whose recorder is bigger?” contest; whether our source is right or the other source is right, everybody can at least agree that something is brewing between Iverson and Charlotte … Analysts keep saying Larry Brown will have a problem finding minutes for Iverson, but we’re not seeing it. Raja Bell isn’t THAT nice to where he can’t be moved to the bench while A.I. starts at the two next to Ray Felton, with D.J. Augustin backing up Felton and Gerald Henderson getting whatever SG minutes remain. Does an Iverson/Felton backcourt make the ‘Cats smaller and weaker defensively? Sure. But remember, if A.I. has to guard the likes of Joe Johnson, Vince Carter and D-Wade, they also have to guard him, too. And last time we checked, pretty much everybody in the League has a hard time handling Iverson … If anything, money would be the biggest holdup. Charlotte management isn’t exactly itching to increase payroll — they’d fire the concession people and have Alexis Ajinca sell cotton candy during games if he’d go for it — and Iverson probably isn’t being signed for the minimum. Plus Felton is still unsigned, so bringing him back and paying A.I. could present some luxury-tax issues. We can actually see a scenario where Felton is allowed to walk while A.I. starts at PG and Raja at two-guard. The Knicks would have to take a long look at Felton, since it’s looking more and more like Ramon Sessions is either going to the Clippers or back to Milwaukee … Not that Steve Nash was publicly making a big deal out of it, but Shaq found his usual Shaq-like way of throwing water on their reality TV feud. Answering accusations that he stole Nash’s idea for the show you know as “Shaq VS,” Diesel said his version is “slightly different” from the idea Nash mentioned to him a year ago, since Nash’s idea was about training with elite athletes in other sports, not competing against them. Whatever. “He’s the Canadian Aaron Spelling,” Shaq said, “and I’m the Black Spielberg.” … Just when we thought we knew all the candidates for the 2010 Mike James Award, here comes Carlos Delfino. Bucks coach Scott Skiles told a Milwaukee paper that Delfino might start at small forward in an effort to give the Bucks more pop offensively over Luc Richard Mbah a Moute … We caught some of the NFL Network’s show about the Miami Dolphins cheerleader tryouts: the episode where they picked the girls they wanted for the next calendar and flew them to the Bahamas for the photo shoot. Nobody is complaining about a bunch of fine ladies laid out on a tropical beach, but — aren’t you already in MIAMI? You can’t find 12 spots on or around South Beach to shoot a hot calendar? That trip has to be more of a vacation for the Dolphins staff than anything, because otherwise it seems like a big waste of money. It’s not like we’re talking about the Green Bay Packers cheerleaders’ calendar … We’re out like Ajinca …

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