Muggsy Bogues Updated His List Of NBA Players To Appear In A Potential ‘Space Jam’ Sequel

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Space Jam 2 may never happen but that won’t stop anyone from speculating about the potential of the film. In fact, the NBA world has previously focused on which current players would replace those featured in the original alongside Michael Jordan and Muggsy Bogues was among them.

Bogues played a specific role, given his stature, in Space Jam and he has been asked for his choices to replace himself, Shawn Bradley, Larry Johnson and others for the next version. Now, though, Bogues has updated his cast of characters and, for the most part, the list makes sense.

The inclusion of LeBron James as the Michael Jordan replacement is a no-brainer and Bogues kept with his original choices to replace himself (with Isaiah Thomas), Larry Johnson (with Draymond Green) and Charles Barkley (with Andre Drummond). It is, admittedly, a bit odd to consider Drummond in Barkley’s place but that is a clear nod to his rebounding ability.

The new blood, when compared to Bogues’ previous thoughts, comes in the form of Kristaps Porzingis and DeAndre Jordan. Porzingis would be in the Shawn Bradley role given his immense length and, well, complexion. As for Jordan, he would be replacing Patrick Ewing as a traditional center and there is nothing particularly wild about that reality.

In truth, the possibility of Space Jam 2 coming to fruition likely dwindles with every passing day of its non-existence. There is a segment of the population that will always want it to happen, though, and it is fun thought exercise to consider what the new supporting cast would resemble.