An NBA 2K League Player Has Been Dismissed For ‘Tipping’ Inside Info To Gamblers

The NBA 2K League ended its 2019 season with T-Wolves Gaming taking home the championship, but even though the year is over, there is quite the interesting offseason story that emerged on Thursday.

Basil “24K Dropoff” Rose, who played power forward for HEAT Gaming last year, has been “dismissed and disqualified” from the league after an investigation found he was providing inside information to someone that was gambling on 2K League games last season.

If you had the 2K League as the first sports league to feature a gambling integrity controversy since the repeal of the federal ban on sports gaming, congrats, you are a genius. I didn’t even know you could gamble on 2K League games and am not totally sure where one would even do that, but I’m also not really surprised that you can. What is amazing is that someone was so into it they were willing to work out a deal of some kind with Rose to get info going into matchups.

The investigation by the 2K League did not find any evidence that Rose was fixing games at all, but instead was just feeding insider info to the bettor in question. Rose will not be eligible to play in the league going forward for any teams, and the Heat must now find a new power forward.