The ‘NBA 2K’ League Continues The Hype Around Its Launch With The Unveiling Of A Logo

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NBA 2K‘s popularity is impossible to ignore. On any given night, you’ll see NBA players tweeting about NBA 2K, whether it’s complaining about their overall rating or trash talking the rest of the league about their skill level. NBA 2K has successfully become part of the of the basketball conversation everywhere, and 2K Sports teamed up with the NBA to take that popularity to a new level with the announcement of the first official NBA 2K eSports league earlier this year.

The official NBA 2K League will feature real eSports teams for 17 of the 30 NBA franchises in its inaugural season. This marks the first eSports league owned and operated by a major professional sports league, with the first season set to tipoff in 2018.

Tryouts and roster construction are still ongoing, but it’s a fascinating idea. eSports as an industry is on the rise, as is the competitive NBA 2K scene, and the NBA has always been fairly progressive with regards to trying new things. One of the many upcoming steps in the development of the NBA 2K League is the league’s official logo, which the NBA revealed on Monday.

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