An ‘NBA 2K18’ Glitch Makes It So Kevin Durant Celebrates With The Thunder

09.27.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

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NBA 2K18 is now fully available and, after months of anticipation, it is providing entertainment to the basketball-obsessed masses. While things are generally going well, the game will look to fix some of its lingering issues with a third update this week and that is simply the cost of doing business on this level.

However, there will almost always be glitches in any game and this one, well, is both tremendous and hilarious. In short, Golden State Warriors superstar and reigning NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant was found celebrating in grand fashion… with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Given Durant’s recent (incognito) comments about his time with the team, the timing of this is pretty wild and, of course, the relationship between Durant and his former employer has been well-documented, especially through the lens of Russell Westbrook. Beyond that, the Warriors and Thunder could certainly be seen as rivals and the addition of Carmelo Anthony adds an additional layer of intrigue to the proceedings when it comes to the upcoming season.

Using NBA 2K18 to simulate the full season can bring joy and a bit of knowledge but a glitch like this is pure entertainment. Needless to say, it seems unlikely that Kevin Durant and members of the Thunder will be embracing anytime soon.

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