Here’s Your First Look Inside ‘NBA 2K19’ With The Gameplay Director For The Series

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LOS ANGELES — Mike Wang has been around for a while. Now the gameplay director for the NBA 2K — a role he’s held for the last three or four games, he estimates — Wang joined the team for the world’s most popular basketball video game prior to the release of NBA 2K6.

In that time he’s seen it all. He’s been an integral part of creating the game for more than a decade, and as such, he’s used to things like hearing from NBA players who might not be happy with their ratings in the game.

This leads to Wang giving a blunt answer whenever it pops up: Prove us wrong.

“It’s just so cool because all these guys grew up on 2K,” Wang told Dime. “And they come in, they’re like, ‘Man, you got this and this and this wrong. You got my rating wrong here. You got this wrong. I was like, ‘Well, you gotta prove it to us. You gotta perform on the court or, right now, show us what you can do.’”

Player ratings, whether they be “accurate” or not, are the culmination of hours upon hours of work by the 2K team. Each year, Wang and those around him do serious research to make sure every single detail of the game is accurate — this doesn’t just include the ratings they give to players, but their mannerisms on the court, too.

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