Las Vegas Sees The Rockets And Sixers As The Biggest Challengers To A Warriors Three-Peat

06.09.18 12 months ago

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In the midst of the 2018 NBA Finals, a prominent Las Vegas bookmaker shared behind-the-scenes thoughts on the process by which his outlet shared 2018-2019 title odds. In short, brick-and-mortar sports books in the desert aren’t allowed to deploy odds on where a player, specifically LeBron James, might sign in free agency, but one way around that is to weigh early championship odds in a specific way as to speculate on James’ next destination.

Now that the Finals have come to an end, though, there is even more interest in the 2018-19 season and what championship odds may include. On the heels of the four-game victory by the Warriors, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released an updated list of complete odds and, while the Warriors are seen as the favorites to three-peat, a couple of interesting challengers are on their heels.

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