The Latest NBA Edition Of Mean Tweets Features Kevin Durant Responding To Online Hate


The late night game is filled with bits and clips made to go viral, and Jimmy Kimmel has found gold in his Celebrities Read Mean Tweets series.

Whereas a late night host like Jimmy Fallon has built an empire on nostalgia, Jimmy Kimmel has found fodder in the endless cesspool that is social media. Especially when you have a ton of followers. His Mean Tweets series is turning the hate that’s found online on its head, giving celebrities and athletes alike the chance to read it live on air and give them a chance to respond to it directly.

The latest edition of NBA Athletes Read Mean Tweets came after Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and it featured a litany of NBA stars reading hateful things about themselves on social media. With that in mind, the first athlete featured is Kevin Durant.

Durant couldn’t help but laugh at the comment, saying “it’s a lot.” And he’s not wrong. But it’s a bit disappointing given that Durant has the chance to directly address at least one of his critics on TV and doesn’t give us much. There are plenty of highlights here, including Dirk Nowitzki hearing a new joke and

Joel Embiid’s response to this one is pretty incredible, too.


“Yeah, well let me know when you know how to speak four languages, dumbass,” Embiid said.

Some NBA personalities, like Charles Barkley, were not impressed. But some guys had some fun with it.


One other highlight is, well, just watch it.

It’s all in good fun, right? Except when these guys probably see stuff like this every day. Anyway, social media is completely healthy for us all.