All Of The NBA’s New Official Team Hashtags, Ranked

10.24.16 1 year ago 4 Comments

Oh crap, do we have a new tradition building? First it was the NFL releasing official team emoji ahead of the start of their season, along with approved hashtags that would generate such emoji. The hashtags ranged from dry to appropriate to bizarre, and they didn’t make much of an impact on social media. Well, the NBA is now trying its hand at the official hashtag game, and the results are somehow even worse!

Very few fanbases have unified slogans or theme songs in the NBA, and the lack of a coherent theme is evident in the amount of these hashtags that are just the team name. But some teams got creative, and most of those managed to be even worse.

30. L.A. Clippers, #ItTakesEverything:: As an alternate name for a Skip Bayless hot-takes-as-debate show, it’s pretty good. As a tagline for a horror movie about a kleptomaniac demon, it’s very good. As a hashtag rallying cry for a basketball team, it seems super dark. Clippers basketball — It takes everything from you.

29. Detroit Pistons, #DetroitBasketball: Man, what a day for the Pistons’ social media manager. Your boss told you to come up with the official team hashtag, but he forgot about it until deadline time, so you only have about 30 seconds to choose. You’re so flustered that you can’t even remember the name of the team you work for! Oh well, at least you got the sport right.

28. Utah Jazz, #TakeNote: Because of the music note that’s the Jazz’s logo? Do you get it? But, like, do you get it? Because Jazz is music? You get it, right?

27. Denver Nuggets, #MileHighBasketball: At least the Nuggets worked in their city’s nickname. That improves the hashtag considerably, but they also lose points for a super long hashtag. Now when I roast the Nuggets for terrible defense, I need to conserve characters even more? My hot takery does not like to be constrained!

26. Philadelphia 76ers, #MADEinPHILA: I do not understand the capitalization here at all. Yes, Philadelphia has a lot to be proud of as a city, what with its founding fathers and all, but since when has there been any sort of manufacturing pride? You know what’s MADE in PHILA? Cheesesteaks, I guess. Maybe #CheeseSTAKEyourCLAIM would have been better.

25. Milwaukee Bucks, #OwnTheFuture: Nothing screams, “We’ve got lots of young potential but no immediate championship hopes, so get in now so you don’t get called a bandwagoner!” like this hashtag.

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