The NBA Will Reportedly Partner With Minority-Owned Restaurants For Bubble Food Delivery

As the NBA has begun its bubble restart at Disney, a significant topic of conversation has been the food after a number of players posted pictures that made the rounds on social media.

The initial food reviews weren’t great, as the meals players got delivered to their room during quarantine suffered from the same issues just about all mass-produced delivery food suffers from. The food has gotten better, but seeking out variety will be something many players look for as their stay in the bubble continues for the next month (or three months as the playoffs wear on). As such, the league is working on bringing in outside options for players to order in from, to avoid more Richaun Holmes situations where someone breaks the bubble zone and must quarantine because they went to grab a delivery bag of food.

As such, the league is working on partnerships with some Orlando restaurants. The first was a reported deal with Landry’s restaurant group restaurants owned by Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta, which drew some criticism for not answering the call of the moment to support locally owned restaurants that have been hit especially hard by the pandemic — and particularly Black-owned restaurants in the midst of the current social justice movement. On Monday, Chris Haynes of Yahoo reported the league was working to address that concern by looking into a partnership with 10 local, minority-owned restaurants to join the bubble campus delivery program.

The league wants to ensure any food entering the bubble is being made following their safety protocols — and delivered understanding those rules — but it’s good to see the league working to address not just a concern of players in the bubble of wanting food alternatives but also stepping up to work with local minority-owned businesses. Hopefully they’re able to get all the details worked out soon and we’ll be seeing pictures of some of these restaurants offerings on player social media.

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