We Asked NBA Experts To Weigh In On The Rookie Of The Year Race

02.26.18 12 months ago 3 Comments

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Award debates have started to heat up across NBA circles. In an interesting twist, though, the debate over the league MVP doesn’t seem especially controversial — it seems like Rockets star James Harden is in line to take home the award for the first time in his wildly productive career.

But in recent weeks, the Rookie of the Year race has become fascinating. On one hand, we have Ben Simmons, who was viewed as a frontrunner coming into the season and has looked the part all year long. On the other, we have Donovan Mitchell, who has turned into the go-to offensive option for a Utah squad with postseason aspirations.

We decided to poll a number of people around the NBA — players, writers, analysts, and more — to get a sense of where the race is right now, and which player would get the award if the season ended today.

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