NBA rumor: Clippers interested in Isiah Thomas

02.05.10 8 years ago 28 Comments

Florida International University

Apparently the Clippers are actively trying to be made fun of. The day after much-maligned coach/GM Mike Dunleavy Sr. was either dropped or decided to step down (depending on who you ask) as coach while keeping his GM duties, FOX Sports is reporting a rumor that the Clips are looking at Isiah Thomas to take over.

Reportedly, the Clips have “reached out” to Isiah about becoming coach, GM and president.

Zeke is 7-18 this season at Florida International, but things are looking up with a nationally-ranked recruiting class coming in next season. Would he pull a Lane Kiffin on FIU if an NBA job became available? Most people would assume so, but Isiah has constantly said he loves the college game because it’s less pressure and more about hoops than drama. Then again, the Clippers can offer the kind of money and power few men can turn down.

What would you think of this move? And if you were Isiah, would you take the L.A. job?

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