Duke’s Luke Kennard Became A Hilarious Meme After The Blue Devils Loss

Duke was forcibly removed from the NCAA Tournament on Sunday night by South Carolina. and it was as satisfying as all early tournament losses by the Blue Devils. They wilted in the second half as the Gamecocks scored 65 points over the final 20 minutes, which saw Duke players miss as many shots as they did complain about calls.

So when CBS caught Luke Kennard whining about something for like the 50th time during the game, a beautiful meme was born.

Kennard should thank the lord and savior that he happened to go to Duke at that same time as a Ted Cruz lookalike that trips opponents every other game so nobody hates him as much as they would. Even still, he became the poster boy for jokes about crappy white people and general Dukeness.

A white, well-to-do person that exhibits snowflake tendencies was destined to be compared to Donald Trump and his supporters.

It’s such a good meme that it doesn’t even have to be about privilege and Duke jokes. It can be about anything, like last year’s MLB playoffs.

Or it can be about hockey fans getting mad someone that isn’t Mario Lemieux or a Pittsburgh Penguin is wearing No. 66 this season (It’s Josh Ho-Sang of the New York Islanders).

And finally, comparing Kennard to the Northwestern crying kid was a layup, but it had to be done.

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