Nebraska’s Trey McGowans Rolled Up To A Kerfuffle With NC State On His Knee Scooter

Years ago, the NBA and NCAA instituted penalties for players who leave the bench area during a fight to try and prevent things from becoming all out brawls between teams. Still, sometimes guys can’t help but break free of the bench area to check things out, either to be peacemakers or to be instigators.

On Wednesday night, longtime hated rivals [checks notes] Nebraska and NC State met in Raleigh and in a tie game in the fourth quarter, things got heated and bit of a fracas broke out near the NC State bench. A number of technical fouls were handed out, with Kobe Webster of Nebraska and Cam Hayes of NC State being the two chief participants, but the scuffle became a viral sensation thanks to the presence of Trey McGowans, who scooted across the court from the Huskers bench to check out what was going on — his little brother, Bryce, was down there — and his leisurely roll across the court was a hysterical visual.

McGowans doesn’t get involved, but couldn’t help but want to check things out. As the announcers note, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s further penalties on folks for leaving the bench — with McGowans obviously sticking out as the only person on the floor riding a knee scooter. In any case, he’s provided us with basketball’s NED moment, and we can all be thankful for that.