In Praise Of The Thunder Social Media Person Who Made A Papa Roach Joke Using Luguentz Dort

In April of 2000, Papa Roach released their sophomore album, Infest. While their debut record, 1997’s Old Friends from Young Years, was more fan favorite than chart-topping hit, Infest went 3x platinum in the United States, in large part because the second song on the album, “Last Resort,” is the most well-known song the band ever released.

Papa Roach has dropped a handful of albums in the two-plus decades since, but unless you really liked the song “Scars,” the default Papa Roach track for most people is “Last Resort.” Apparently, this also applies to the person who sat behind the keyboard of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Twitter account on Tuesday night.

Luguentz Dort had a gargantuan first half in the team’s game against the Utah Jazz, scoring 18 points and hitting all four of his attempts from three in the frame. At one point, he was also the subject of this extremely good tweet:

Honestly, terrific post. We need more tweets from NBA teams that reference songs that your middle/high school basketball team put on the pump-up CD that one kid burned after downloading a bunch of songs off of Limewire. It can go in any number of directions — in this context, a “‘Till I Collapse” joke is just as good as, say, a “Remember the Name” joke or something — but the person who sent this post for the Thunder deserves a ton of praise, regardless. Even if they do not become the trendsetter they deserve to be, this was a good tweet. Good job. And good job to Lu Dort, too. That’s a very impressive first quarter against any team, let alone one as good as the Jazz.