Paolo Banchero And Dejounte Murray Showed Each Other Some Love While Going Head-To-Head At The CrawsOver

One of the strangest beefs to pop up during the 2022 NBA offseason is between Paolo Banchero, the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic, and Dejounte Murray, the former San Antonio Spurs All-Star who got traded to the Atlanta Hawks this offseason. The duo, both of whom are from the Pacific Northwest, played at Jamal Crawford’s The CrawsOver earlier this summer, where Murray got Banchero with some trickery.

After the game, the pair went back-and-forth on their Instagram Stories, with Murray saying that he’s “lost all respect” for someone who “made it and changed.” Fast forward to Saturday evening, and the two went up against one another at Crawford’s event once again, this time with some star-studded running mates.

Early on in the game, Banchero got the chance to go at Murray, with the crowd rising to their feet to celebrate the occasion. It didn’t end with anyone getting one over on anyone else — Murray got called for a foul while Banchero hit the ground — but in a cool moment of sportsmanship, Murray helped Banchero up and the pair exchanged a hug.

At the very least, the crowd seemed to appreciate this moment between the pair of local dudes who made it to the league. Here’s to hoping that the two are on good terms now.