Dejounte Murray Gave Paolo Banchero A Welcome To The NBA Moment At Isaiah Thomas’ Summer Tournament

Rookies in the NBA, particularly those who go high in the draft, will have a few moments every year that remind fans why they are such highly-regarded prospects. But far more frequently, those young dudes will take their lumps, as the jump from college to the NBA is the biggest jump that someone can take in the sport.

The worst of these are affectionately known as welcome to the NBA moments, and on many occasions, these come when they get matched up against the very best guys in the league. In a surprise twist, Paolo Banchero got to experience one of those moments before he even played in an official NBA game, thanks to Dejounte Murray and an annual summer tournament put on by Isaiah Thomas.

Banchero and Murray went up against one another during a game at Zeke-End this weekend, and at one point, Murray got Banchero to bite on a pump fake. Instead of just shooting, Murray had a little fun at Banchero’s expense before tossing himself a lob off the glass and throwing down.

Murray even posted the video to his Instagram account and told Banchero “WELCOME TO THE BIG LEAGUES!!!!!!”

Hopefully for Banchero’s sake he’ll be able to find a way to get Murray back when the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks play during the 2022-23 season.