Paul George Promised A Bounce Back Year After Hearing He’s An 88 In ‘NBA 2K21’

Paul George was one of the players to see their NBA 2K rating fall off from the start of the season to the end of it, in large part because of his underwhelming playoff performance in the Bubble.

Speaking with Ronnie 2K ahead of the release of the updated NBA 2K21 player ratings, George not only correctly guessed that he had fallen from a 93 to an 88 in the game, but pledged to improve for next season, not only so that his rating would tick back up but for the Clippers to avenge their second-round loss.

“This is going to be an amazing training going into this next season,” George said. “I’m going to predict I’m around a 95. (For) 2K22, I’ll be like a 96.”

George’s comments here are the first we’ve heard from him since the Clippers fell to Denver in seven games in the second round and George’s “Playoff P” nickname was memed endlessly online. It sounds like George, a top-3 MVP finisher during the 2018-19 campaign, is dedicated to a return to form in 2021.

As an avid gamer himself and someone who is typically pretty involved with NBA 2K, it probably does sting for George to see himself fall off from an MVP candidate in 2019 with a deserved low-90s rating all the way to an 88, which puts him in line with younger players like Devin Booker or Donovan Mitchell.