Paul Pierce Thinks LeBron James Should Sign With The Washington Wizards Next Summer

11.03.17 4 months ago


LeBron James has a major decision to make next summer. The way James’ contract is structured, he’s set to make $35.6 million next season with the Cleveland Cavaliers provided he uses his player option to opt into that contract for 2018-19. The other side of the coin is that James could decline his player option and become an unrestricted free agent next summer, allowing him to field offers on the open market and essentially sign with whoever he wants.

Rumors surrounding James’ 2018 free agency have been circulating for years. Some NBA insiders think he’s destined for L.A. Others think the Houston Rockets are a legitimate option. Most feel he’s going to stay in Cleveland due in large part to the sheer absurdity of him leaving that franchise again. It feels impossible, coming off the heels of ‘The Decision,’ but it has become abundantly clear over the last few years that anything is possible in today’s NBA. In other words, nobody has any idea what LeBron James is going to do.

Paul Pierce knows LeBron James, at least on the surface. They’ve had some of the most exciting on-court battles over the last 15 or so years of NBA basketball, and there is obviously a ton of mutual respect here. Pierce, who is now a key figure on ESPN’s NBA coverage, talked about James’ upcoming free agency with Rachel Nichols on The Jump Friday afternoon.

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