Paul Pierce Continues To Promise He’ll ‘Bounce Back Like Never Before’

Paul Pierce is, for now, out of a job. The Celtics legend and soon-to-be Hall of Famer found himself getting fired by ESPN after he went live on Instagram during a party with exotic dancers while smoking a blunt among other things. The two sides agreed to “part ways” for whatever that’s worth and in the aftermath of losing a seven-figure gig, Pierce has seemed surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

Pierce has insisted that he has big things coming his way, thanking all his “supporters and haters” for everything, and seeming like, if it wasn’t a planned exit from ESPN, it was at least a departure he wasn’t too upset about. Pierce once again reiterated his promise for a major announcement regarding his future soon, speaking with TMZ briefly on Saturday night.

“Stay tuned, that’s all I’m gonna say. Stay tuned, it could be coming as early as next week,” Pierce said. “Truth gonna bounce back like never before. That’s all you gotta know.”

There’s plenty of speculation on what this all could mean, but Pierce is, if nothing else, milking the attention he snagged from his IG Live that, while at the time only had a few hundred people on it, quickly garnered the eyeballs of millions. If nothing else, he’s put on a masterclass in posting through it.