Paul Pierce Gave His Theory Into How Kevin Garnett’s Hoodie Magically Stays On His Head

02.12.18 3 months ago

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TNT’s coverage of NBA games is the best on television right now. Its studio show, Inside the NBA, has won just about every award that a sports television show can win, and recrntly, it has added the unparalleled analysis that is brought to the table by Kevin Garnett‘s Area 21.

Beyond the fact that Area 21 has the unique voices of Garnett and his friends from his hoops days, it also includes something of a marvel of physics. Garnett wears a hoodie during the segment, but he always has it sitting way on the back of his head. It looks like it should fall off, but for reasons that are not totally clear, it does not.

This popped up again on Sunday during Paul Pierce‘s jersey retirement ceremony, when Garnett wore a hoodie that looked like it had to have been taped to his head. It was incredible, and Pierce appeared on ESPN’s The Jump to discuss this phenomenon.

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