The Clueless Philadelphia 76ers Allegedly Stopped Fans From Paying Homage To Sam Hinkie

The Philadelphia 76ers really don’t want their fans to pay homage to former GM Sam Hinkie. The controversial general manager announced his resignation on Wednesday, ending his nearly three-year stay in Philadelphia.

Plenty of Sixers fans are skeptical of Hinkie’s departure. He was the architect of “The Process,” and it seems odd that he would split before the team started winning some more games. Some fans blame the team’s recently-appointed chairman of basketball operations, Jerry Colangelo, for basically pushing him out, pointing to the fact that his son, Bryan, was tabbed as Hinkie’s replacement almost right after he resigned.

Basically, some Sixers fans still feel really loyal to Hinkie. Whether you disagreed with “The Process” and the fans’ loyalty is beside the point, these fans are allowed to be loyal to Hinkie if they want.

This is something that the team apparently does not agree with. Multiple reports out of Philadelphia on Friday, the first game in the post-Hinkie era, said that the team tried its best to keep fans from paying homage to the recently departed general manager.

If this is true – and, really, there’s no reason to think it’s false – this is such a bad move by the team. The fans already have next to no trust in the Jerry Colangelo-led front office, so for that same front office to (seemingly) stop fans from honoring Hinkie in the most mundane of ways, well, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Please, Sixers, just let fans wear whatever they want. Nothing good can come from making fans take off pro-Hinkie gear, and maybe letting them do something this harmless will make fans hate the front office a little less.

(via SB Nation)