The Pistons Told J. Cole To Get In Touch About A Tryout

There’s a whole lot of smoke around J. Cole trying to pursue some sort of basketball career. A recent ad for his first signature sneaker through Puma, the RS-Dreamer, showed him working out in a gym underneath a voice-over by Master P, who famously had a short basketball career with a few NBA preseason invites. Shortly after, Master P told TMZ that Cole reached out and asked what he’d need to do if he wanted to pursue a spot in the league.

Now, an NBA team wants to give him a chance to show what he can do. The Detroit Pistons tweeted at Cole on Monday evening, telling him that if he wants to try and earn a spot on a team to get in touch for some sort of tryout.

Of course, this must come with the caveat that the likelihood of a 35-year-old rapper who has never played professional basketball before making an NBA roster is super unlikely, even if it’s pretty well-documented that Cole can ball and has a nice jumper. We’ve also not heard anything from Cole about whether or not he’s going to pursue a basketball career, although I do suppose that accepting an invite from an NBA team to try out for their roster would answer that question pretty quickly.