Q&A with Asher Roth @ Converse Band of Ballers

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Asher Roth

Asher Roth

Asher Roth might not have been close to the best celebrity ballplayer at the Converse Band of Ballers earlier this week, but he was definitely the hottest name in the music game in the gym. The hip-hop Rookie of the Year candidate sat down for a few minutes between games to talk basketball, music and college…

Dime: Congrats on getting that first win earlier.
Asher Roth: Yeah, the early W was a good look for sure. It was super important and it really helped that my teammates hit a few big 3’s (laughs).

Dime: Yeah some shooters are always nice to have on your team. You had your birthday the other day right?
Asher: Yup, it was yesterday. So I’m 24 now – eight, eleven, eighty five.

Dime: Happy belated – did you do anything crazy?
Asher: Thanks man but nothing crazy I just kicked it with my parents, my family, close friends and all that. My parents stay in Morrisville, Pennsylvania so we were out there yesterday and then took the train from New Jersey into New York this morning.

Dime: What team’s do you follow then being from Pennsylvania? You can’t follow West Chester University they’re only D3.
Asher: (laughs) D2 not D3. But when the tournament rolls around I go with the Maryland Terps. With the NBA I’m more of a player guy because I was a Chicago Bulls fan growing up, but then I realized I was a front runner, but I’ll root for the home Sixers now. But I’m definitely more of a player fan.

Dime: So who are your NBA players then?
Asher: Oh you know, Kirk Hinrich, Dan Majerle, and Steve Kerr.

Dime: You do have that shaggy hair Kirk Hinrich thing going on. It sounds like you relate your game to all the white players?
Asher: (laughs) Yeah, I just shoot the ball and don’t play any defense.

Dime: Jason Kapono style.
Asher: Yeah definitely – actually my man Scotter Braun is the Jason Kapono, he hits all the 3s for us. My man over there is the white Bruce Bowen, a little dirty but locks players up on D, and Snuff is the Kurt Rambis mixed with a little bit of Charles Barkley-esque; he’s the enforcer on the court. So that’s our squad but we’re all just having fun out there.

Dime: Seems like everyone on the team has their role. How did the tour finish up?
Asher: It was great, we just finished The Great Hangover Tour it was a lot of fun. We we’re out with Pac Div who we just beat, KiD CuDi, myself, B.O.B., and 88-Keys.

Dime: Any crazy stories?
Asher: I can’t tell you that, man, but we had a lot of fun for sure. We actually didn’t get too crazy, some late nights but it was all fun. Vegas was crazy though, it’s always a good time out in Vegas but for the most part there was some misbehaving but I still treat this like it’s a job.

Dime: What’s next for music?
Asher: Asleep In The Bread Aisle gave me a nice little foundation and was a good album for me to get my feet wet. Now we’re working on another mixtape that we’ll put out later this year and then work on the next album after that. We’re still touring though, we’re actually gonna close out the year on the road. In September it’ll be on the road with Blink 182 and this month we’re in Europe. We actually leave for Europe tomorrow, so it’s just all about running around and continuing to build the awareness for my music. I got 9 stops out there, I’ve been to Europe before but haven’t toured there so I’m excited for that. I’m always excited to tour though because really that’s what all of this is about.

Dime: Any collaborations with these artists?
Asher: I’ve done something with (Jim) Jones before and I’ve done some stuff with Pac Div while we were on tour except there’s a little more work to do for that so we gotta finish that up. I gotta get familiar with these other cats like (DJ) A-Trak and all these other guys. That’s why events like these are so dope, it gives us all a chance to meet and get some ideas going.

Dime: Any last words?
Asher: Just peace and love, man. Go support all the good music and keep meeting good people.

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