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05.18.10 9 years ago 41 Comments

Whose biopic film hasn’t been made yet (or made right) that you want to see?

Caddyshack, Braveheart, and the entire Star Wars series. People who don’t know me well tend to look at me like I have cockroaches crawling out of my ears when they find out I’ve never seen either of those movies.

People who do know me well are more shocked that I still haven’t seen Notorious. I can’t explain it, either. Biggie Smalls was and is my favorite artist of all-time, and I was beyond stoked when I first heard they were making a full-length feature biopic about his life. And yet here I am, still letting the DVD take up space on the TV mantle, still having not watched the movie. My best guess is that maybe because I know Biggie’s story already, there’s not as much urgency to watch the movie when I probably won’t learn anything new.

The movie should be good. For the most part, biopics (as well as documentary bios) about historical figures are always at least “good,” and often great — from Ali to Gandhi to Malcolm X to Shaka Zulu to Patton. In fact, I just read today they’re making a Marvin Gaye biopic with Terrence Howard in the starring role.

What’s one biopic you’d want to see made (or re-made) that has no choice but to be great?

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