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08.27.09 9 years ago 72 Comments

How long would you last in the ring separately against (1) Manny Pacquiao, (2) Kurt Angle, (3) prime Bruce Lee, and (4) Anderson Silva?

As often as you guys call Dime writers crazy on a daily basis, you don’t even hear most of the insanity that goes on in the office. Every couple of days it seems, somebody says something just flagrant: From “I could beat J.J. Barea one-on-one!” to “I swear Melyssa Ford was giving me ‘The Look’ at a hot dog stand!”

Yesterday, somebody claimed he could last 10 seconds in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. Right now. Names will be withheld to protect the foolish, but we’re talking about a getting-on-30 former D-3 college point guard who is basically the Baron Davis of Dime’s main rec league, in that his conditioning keeps him from dominating. Given two months of training with a world-class trainer, our colleague said, he could go a whole round with Pac-Man.

Lined up across from the best boxer in the world (Pac-Man), how long could you stay in a fight? What about an Olympic gold medalist wrestler (Angle), a world champion MMA fighter (Silva), or the greatest pound-for-pound combat machine (Lee) the world has ever seen?

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