The Best Slogans For The Remaining NBA Playoff Teams, Ranked

05.04.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

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Every NBA team has a slogan they brand themselves with early in the season. It helps sell tickets and get fans fired up, but only if you do it right. And you better! Because if you’re lucky enough to make the postseason, that slogan is heavily monetized with shirts and other accessories available for purchase during said playoff run.

But which team still fighting for an NBA title has the best slogan? How did the marketing wizards do for, well, the Washington Wizards? Let’s pick an NBA champion based entirely on what they put on a shirt, using the NBA Online Store to figure out the official team slogan and peep some “playoff participant” merch.

8) San Antonio Spurs

Slogan: Go Spurs Go

Wait, what?

Did Tim Duncan come up with this? Tim Duncan came up with this. Only he could come up with something this straight forward. There are, generally, two types of team chant fans trust themselves with in North American sports. One is “Let’s go (team name).” Another is “Go (team name) go.” The chant each fanbase uses basically comes down to syllables. This slogan is basically someone in marketing counting on their fingers, saying “San Antonio JUST WON’T WORK!” and giving up.

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