Reggie Miller Thinks LeBron Stays In Cleveland But Insists He Won’t ‘Settle’

02.13.18 9 months ago

Getty Image

LeBron James is no longer talking about his pending free agency while the season is in progress, but that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t allowed to speculate on where James will go this summer.

For Reggie Miller, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar seems likely to stay put on Lake Erie. He and fellow TNT analyst Chris Webber held a conference call with reporters on Tuesday and spoke candidly about James’ potential free agency and the power he has this summer.

James is trying hard not to make his moves this summer the story, but this is going to permeate everything the Cavaliers do this year. It’s certainly impacted the way they operated at the trade deadline last week, and their offseason plans start (and if he leaves, restart) with what James decides to do.

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