Robin Lopez Nearly Fought The Orlando Magic’s Mascot After He Got Embarrassed By A Prank

No professional basketball player is more closely associated with NBA mascots than Robin Lopez. On Tuesday evening, the veteran big man was back to his old tricks, engaging in a back and forth with the “Stuff” of the Orlando Magic.

Prior to a game between the Magic and Chicago Bulls, the reigning NBA mascot of the year engaged with Lopez during warm-ups and pulled a direct prank on him. As a result, Lopez charged after the person in a mascot suit waving a large piece of poster board (or something similar), even striking the mascot with force. To be fair, the 7-footer was not the one that threw the first haymaker, as “Stuff” got off the first shot once Lopez went to the ground to pick up the board for his personal use.

In 2015, Lopez did attempt to explain his ongoing issue with mascots across the league, telling Howard Beck of Bleacher Report the following:

“They [the mascots] were never too receptive of me. I was a taller child. I always looked a little older than I was. I don’t think I ever got proper attention from those mascots.”

At this point, it appears that Lopez’s extended beef with the mascot population will never end. At least this was a hilarious exchange, though, and it ended with no injuries or permanent damage. The NBA is fantastic.