Ron Funches Roasted Steph Curry For His Bloopers Against The Lakers On ‘Late Night With James Corden’

01.23.19 7 months ago


The Golden State Warriors, at least collectively, had a good night against the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday. Golden State crushed the LeBron-less Lakers. Klay Thompson tied an NBA record. DeMarcus Cousins got more than 20 minutes on the floor as his comeback continues.

Steph Curry, however, had one pretty low moment. Curry had one of the most embarrassing 10 seconds of his career when he slipped during what was supposed to become a dunk attempt, then airballed a three after he recovered and got to his feet. In a blowout win it was a moment of levity, and on Tuesday night, when Curry appeared on the Late Late Show, it was something to ruthlessly make fun of.

“It gave me hope,” James Corden said, as he played the replay of the slip and airball. The show smartly kept a camera on Curry as he watched along with the rest of the audience, which got a kick out of both gaffes from the NBA superstar.

Curry had already offered a joking response on Tuesday, essentially saying divine intervention played a role in the incident. But this time, Curry actually offered a more logical explanation for the slip.

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