Russell Crowe Was Furious About The Horrible Courtside Seats For Australia’s Scrimmage Against Team USA

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Those who woke up early or stayed up late in the continental 48 got to check out the United States men’s basketball team take on Australia in Melbourne as part of the lead-up to the 2019 FIBA World Cup. Of course, if you were in Australia, you could have just gone to the game, which we learned from the Twitter account of actor Russell Crowe was not necessarily a good idea.

You see, the court was elevated, as the game took place at Marvel Stadium (yes, that Marvel), a multi-use stadium that needed to do the March Madness thing to accommodate a basketball court in a non-traditional venue for a game.

So what we’re dealing with here is a court you have to tilt your head back to view, since it is actually above where you are sitting, and a whole lot of space for stuff. This means that Crowe’s first row seats that cost him a pretty penny really, really kinda stunk. The Academy Award-winning actor posted a video to his Twitter account in which he praised the decision making of those who did not fork over cash to have essentially obstructed views to a scrimmage.

Because he was unable to successfully check out much of the game, Crowe instead opted to use Twitter to vent some frustrations.

Not great! It was especially not great that Crowe didn’t get anything included with his seat, either.

To make matters worse, the space in between Crowe and the floor was filled by various folks who were there to work during the game.

This is a pretty crappy turn of events for anyone who wants to watch a basketball game, and hopefully if Crowe heads to another basketball game in this venue, he opts to sit above the action.