Savannah James Responded To Bronny-Larsa Pippen Rumor Mongering: ‘The Bullsh*t Needs To Stop’

When your name is LeBron James Jr., you are going to face a level of scrutiny and spotlight few other teenagers do. Bronny James is as famous as any 16-year-old in the country and with that comes benefits but also plenty of negatives, as everything you do becomes fodder online.

Sometimes, that can cross a line as is the case with what took place on Sunday morning when Black Sports Online published a story that cited reports that Bronny was exchanging DMs with Larsa Pippen after he had liked one of her photos on Instagram. Bronny would respond on his Instagram Story in the morning, saying he had simply liked the photo of one of his friend’s moms on Instagram and that there was nothing more.

Bronny wasn’t the only one to respond to the story as his mother, Savannah James, who rarely calls things out publicly when it comes to what’s written or said about either LeBron or their children, made sure to note that in this instance things had crossed a line, saying “the bullsh*t needs to stop” when it comes to writing gossip about her kids.

LeBron echoed his wife’s post on his own IG Story, noting that they’d “f*cked with the wrong one” with this story and wishing those that reported it “good luck.”


Pippen likewise called out the post, as it seems in this instance, BSO went to a place that all parties involved felt the need to not just respond to but call out some reprehensible behavior.

Hopefully this can serve as a reminder that while social media is unrelenting with jokes and making up gossip, there is still a line that has to be maintained when it comes to things written about people, no matter how famous. That’s especially the case with a 16-year-old kid and mining his social media likes for content.

[Ed. Note: Initial post said the story originated at BSO rather than being a compilation of reports.]