Has Shaq Ever Taken Anything More Seriously Than The Time He Dropped A Beat For Drake’s Diss Track?

02.15.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Friday was a big day for Drake. The Toronto native not only received the key to the city before coaching the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, but he got something even a little more special: Shaq dropping a beat for him as he bust out a few lines from his Grammy-nominated diss track “Back to Back.” And Shaq wasn’t taking his job lightly. He let Drake know exactly what he wanted to hear and then kept him going until the line in which the singer compares himself to Michael Jordan in 1996. Bold move, but Drake pulled it off.

The only question now is whether Meek Mill knows this happened and how he’s taking it? With both Drake and 50 Cent against him, will he be able to stomach the fact that Shaq’s a fan of the track that calls him out for turning his “trigger fingers into Twitter fingers?”

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