Watch Shaq Get Clowned With The Drake ‘Views’ Meme

Shaquille O’Neal ended his beef with Kobe Bryant a while ago. For a few years, it was the biggest rivalry in the NBA, as the two former Lakers teammates hated each other with an unparalleled passion. This wasn’t just a basketball thing, as the acrimonious relationship between the two extended off the court.

But still, the two seem like they’re on good terms now. Not only does Shaq think that Kobe is the best Laker ever, but there have been some rumblings about Mamba joining the big man on Inside the NBA sometime in the future (which, as an aside, please let this happen, basketball gods). With all of this, it’s probably safe to fair that the two can laugh about their former feud, right?

Apparently, that’s not right, at least on Shaq’s end of things. During a segment on Inside the NBA on Saturday night, the guys were making their own Drake Views memes, and Shaq’s was unquestionably the funniest. His was “Views From Kobe’s Shoulders” and it pictured Shaq hanging onto Kobe’s shoulders while the two sit on top of the Staples Center.

While it is hilarious, it did not sit well with Shaq. He got up from his chair at the Inside desk and just walked off the set. (Yes, we know that this was almost certainly a scripted reaction by Shaq, but give him credit, he sold it really well.)

The rest of the jokes were funny – my favorite aside from this was Kenny Smith’s “Views From the Bottom of the D-List” – but this was incredible.