The Promised ‘Shaq-Fu’ Sequel Is Finally Coming Later This Year


Shaq Fu is a classic video game that is infamously known for getting panned by critics. But the people demanded a sequel, and now, it’s finally coming.

That’s right, Shaq‘s infamous 1994 fighting game for Sega Genesis and Super NES is getting a modern console sequel. Titled Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, the fighter features a new likeness for Shaq and a new hope that it won’t be as broken as its classic console inspiration.

Shaq Fu‘s sequel isn’t exactly new. In fact, it was funded on IndieGoGo back in 2014, and what’s followed is four years of production, including a move to make it available on modern consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game’s trailer in 2015 showed that things have been progressing, and now we know we’ll see the game later this spring.

Big Deez Productions, the company Shaq partnered with to revive the game, posted an update on the game’s IndieGoGo page on Thursday that detailed the game’s difficult production journey, including some major plot revisions due to things that apparently happened in the real world.

“It has been a long, difficult road over the last year or so as we wrangled with unforeseen difficulties in getting the game released. You wouldn’t believe some of the problems we’ve encountered. We wrote the game over three years ago and had not idea what history had in store for the world at that time. As a result, we had to change certain narratives because things got a little Nostradamus as the months unfolded. Some major plot changes meant we had to rework certain sections of the game that had a huge impact on the story overall.”

Regardless of their issues, they appear over: Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is coming, and Big Deez Productions promised a release date and a new game trailer soon. The company seems pretty honest about how bad the first game was, so hopefully they’re ready to nail it this time. At the very least, it promises to be “better than the old one.”