Shaq Ripped The Rim Off The Backboard Dunking During HORSE With Gronk

On Saturday night, Shaquille O’Neal and Rob Gronkowski put on a livestream together, competing in various challenges to raise money for social justice, with Shaq playing for the Boys & Girls Club of America and Gronk playing for the NAACP.

The two competed in everything from a lip sync battle to jousting, but the highlight of the night was seeing what happens when Shaq is allowed to dunk on a basketball hoop that’s not a regulation NBA goal. During the HORSE portion of the evening, Shaq decided to do an off the backboard dunk and proceeded to rip the rim clean off the backboard with one hand.

It’s honestly one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. He doesn’t shatter the backboard — as he’s done multiple times before in his career. He doesn’t bend the rim or cause the goal to collapse — again, a thing he did while in the NBA. No, he rips the rim off the backboard and slings it to the ground.

Gronk’s reaction is terrific, as he just stares in disbelief at the carnage that just unfolded — while wearing a Shaq jersey. That was the end of the HORSE competition, which was never something Gronk had a chance at but did yield the best possible result in Shaq doing things that remind us how preposterously big and strong he is (Related: he recently told us that his “go-to” order at Krispy Kreme is three boxes of glazed doughnuts).

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