Shaq And Jayson Tatum Trash-Talked Charles Barkley Mercilessly During ‘The Match 3’

It’s no secret that NBA players love golf. For some, it’s a way life, and it begs the question as to whether some of these guys might’ve found themselves on the PGA circuit had basketball not been an option. Michael Jordan, for instance, is an avid golfer, and to no surprise, an obsessive competitor on the green.

As is his contemporary Charles Barkley. On Friday afternoon, Barkley, along with Phil Mickelson, Steph Curry, and Peyton Manning, all teamed up for their third charitable golfing event of the year, “The Match: Champions for Change.” The Match 3 pitted Barkley and Mickelson against Curry and Manning, and the producers thankfully made sure Chuck was mic’d up for the afternoon to keep us privy to all the trash talk.

Shaq, Ernie, and Kenny all joined the fun remotely, and Chuck teed off with some good-natured ribbing by using a ball with Shaq’s face on it for inspiration to hit it as hard as possible. Of course, Shaq didn’t waste any time getting in some digs as Mickelson tried to give Chuck a few pointers on the green.

And he wasn’t the only one. Chuck and Jayson Tatum engaged in some friendly banter in a post-game interview during the Eastern Conference Semifinals when Barkley challenged him to a round and Tatum made a crack about his swing. Tatum hopped on to Twitter on Friday to give Chuck his well-deserved props for his improved form, but Barkley doubled down on his challenge.

Tatum seems ready to oblige, at least at some point in the future.