Charles Barkley Used A Golf Ball With Shaq’s Face On It During ‘The Match’

I think Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal love one another. At the very least, the pair have found a kindred spirit in terms of an ex-basketball player who is good at going back-and-forth with one another on the set of Inside the NBA, and both guys appear to be really appreciative of that.

Both Chuck and Shaq don’t limit their loving roasts to just the set of TNT’s revered basketball analysis show. Whenever they pop up in public for an extended period, they always seem to find a way to get a joke off at the other’s expense. The latest example of this came during The Match 3, the charity golf event in which Chuck and Phil Mickelson took on Peyton Manning and Steph Curry over 18 holes.

During the broadcast, Mickelson gave Barkley a special bit of inspiration to send golf balls flying, plastering Shaq’s face on them while The Big Aristotle made a cameo during the broadcast.

“This the ugliest ball in the world right here,” Barkley said.

Shaq did get the last laugh here, though. Barkley didn’t exactly get a hold of this one. He also has a major financial incentive for Barkley to continue shanking shots, as he dropped $100,000 on Curry and Manning to win the whole thing.