“Shoot-n-Guard Like Kobe”

04.15.09 10 years ago 172 Comments

So today in the office someone decided to play Mobb Deep’s ‘Murda Muzik,’ definitely one of my favorite Mobb albums. One of the certified bangers on the album is ‘I’m Goin’ Out’ feat. Lil Cease. Cease says “Rap smoother than CL, in the K on the DL. Line for line you can detail, I choked more n*ggas than Sprewell.” And it got me thinking about my favorite rap lyrics that reference basketball.

Here are a few I remembered off the top of my head:

“So watch what you say to them cr*ckers, I’ll put a couple Gs on ya head like you play for the Packers…I’m raps LeBron James, I quickly see baskets. You scrubs couldn’t make it to the Mickey D’s classic.” -Fabolous “BK Style”

“As a youth explosively, clappin off the roof…shoot-n-guard like Kobe…” -Jay-Z “Pre-Game”

“Never hesitant, leave a n*gga bent real quick, real sick…brawl nights, I perform like Mike: Anyone — Tyson, Jordan, Jackson…Action.” -Notorious B.I.G. “Victory”

“Got them rootin’ for the bad guy. Playground legend like Sad Eye….P. Kirkland, my MP stay workin’, shootin’ arm stay jerkin…” -Beanie Sigel “Tales of a Hustler Pt. 2”

“More Jazz than Hornacek, I’ll leave ya corner wet…” -Nashawn “Quiet N*ggas”

“Yo, I’m not concerned wit the rhymes you wrote. I’m at the Sixers game seat close enough to trip Kukoc” -BooBonic “Suckas Pt. 2”

Post your favorite basketball rap lyric. I blacked out and can’t think of anymore. I know there are hundreds of them.

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