The Sixers Beat The Cavs And Became The Latest Team To Make An ‘Arthur’ Joke

Via Sixers

At one point earlier in the NBA season, the Cleveland Cavaliers thought it’d be fun to embrace cartoon Arthur. LeBron James posted the Arthur’s fist meme on Instagram one day and things just took off from there, culminating in J.R. Smith deciding it’d be cool to make Arthur’s fist attire and sell them on his website. It was all very silly.

It also led to a few NBA teams and players making the easy joke before or after games against the Cavs with Arthur-related content, because 2017 and 2018 have been weird years and that kind of thing just happens. On Thursday night after walking into Cleveland and taking down James and company, the Philadelphia 76ers decided to get in on the fun.

The Sixers came out on top, 108-97. After, the person behind the team’s official Twitter account probably pumped their fist, because the joke that they probably spent some time working on bringing together got to be shared with the masses. Behold:

This is tremendous content, partly because they put “SIXERS WIN” on the card Arthur carries, but mostly because they decided to swap out the Arthur theme song with “Here Come the Sixers.” There’s still plenty of season left, but for now, this is easily the best Arthur joke we’ve seen someone make towards the Cavs.