Spurs push ‘Melo over the edge; Dirk Nowitzki’s late MVP push

04.11.10 9 years ago 39 Comments

For all the rumors you hear about Coach K getting NBA offers left and right, there’s one place that could make a lot of sense for him whenever their current coach steps down: San Antonio. When you think about it, the Spurs are already the Duke Blue Devils of the pro game. They’re the clean-cut guys, the smug elitists who seem to get every bounce and just win year after year, and everybody hates them. And if you ask the fans in Denver who saw last night’s Nuggets/Spurs game, Tim Duncan‘s squad, like Coach K’s, has the refs in their back pocket … It was close going into the fourth before the Spurs went on a 16-2 run, with nine of those points coming at the free throw line. That included a technical on J.R. Smith, and Carmelo got two quick T’s later in the quarter to get himself ejected. The Nuggets fans gave a sarcastic cheer when Chauncey Billups (27 pts) drew a foul to break up the run, and as the Spurs put the finishing touches on the blowout, they chanted “These refs suck!” They were pissed, but it was misguided; even one of the Nuggets announcers admitted, “I’m as hard on officials as anybody, you know that, but that isn’t the reason why Denver is down.” … San Antonio simply put on an offensive clinic. You know their style: Ball movement, great spacing, hitting open shots, running things through Duncan (18 pts, 10 rebs) in the post. Tony Parker is still coming off the bench, but he looked solid with 12 points and 6 assists … ‘Melo got tossed when he fouled Matt Bonner on a three-point attempt, and you could see from a mile away that he was ready to call it a night. As soon as ‘Melo (19 pts) looked at the ref sideways, you knew he was about to take it over the line … Why hasn’t Dirk Nowitzki been getting more MVP talk? It’s tough to argue for anybody over LeBron right now, but that hasn’t stopped Durant, Kobe, Dwight and D-Wade from getting their share of support. Meanwhile, Dirk is just plodding along, dropping buckets on anybody who wanders into his scope and leading the Mavericks to a potential 2-seed … Last night Dirk hit the Kings for 39 points, one night after serving Portland a cold 40. And in those two games, Dirk has gone 30-for-30 at the stripe. When he’s on a roll like this and he’s getting to the foul line, there’s really nobody who can stop Dirk. You know what would be a dream matchup? Have current-day Dirk on offense against Dennis Rodman in his prime on defense. Who gets the upper hand? … Jason Kidd had a triple-double the Dallas rout (11 pts, 10 rebs, 13 asts), while Tyreke Evans scored 27 in the loss … Michael Jordan had kind of a Tiger Woods country-club look going as he watched Bobcats/Pistons, and MJ got to see one of his Lottery picks put in work. Filling in for Ray Felton (sick), D.J. Augustin played a solid floor game with 13 points and 9 assists with just one turnover, and hit the game-winner. It was a free-throw contest down the stretch, and with about one minute to go, the Bobcats were down one before Augustin hit a tough elbow fadeaway out of the Steve Nash playbook … Gerald Wallace swatted Will Bynum‘s layup on the other end, the first of five shots Detroit had on that possession where they could have taken the lead but didn’t convert … Did Jordan buy out that row of empty seats directly behind him, or did nobody really show up? That’s not a good look when the owner is in the building … Other stat lines from Saturday: Baron Davis went for 21 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks as the Clippers beat Golden State; Troy Murphy put up 25 points and 9 boards as Indiana beat New Jersey; Jamal Crawford scored 28 off the bench to lead Atlanta past Washington; Marreese Speights dropped 22 off the bench in Philly’s win at Memphis; and Paul Pierce had 24 points to lead Boston past Milwaukee … Celtics/Bucks could be a first-round playoff matchup, and this one had some postseason intensity. Pierce and Jerry Stackhouse got into a heated confrontation, and before that, Big Baby got up in Kurt Thomas‘ face when Thomas fouled him hard and sent Baby to the deck face-first. We understand Big Baby can’t let guys think they can punk him, but Thomas ain’t the one to test. He’s always looked half-crazy, and when Baby challenged him last night, Thomas seemed more amused about it than anything … We’re out like sellouts in Charlotte …

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