Report: Steph Curry Wants The Warriors To Keep Their Core Together ‘For At Least One More Season’

There may not be a team that is more fascinating to watch this summer than the Golden State Warriors. While Steph Curry is under contract through 2026, top executive Bob Myers already announced he will step down from his role as president and general manager, Draymond Green is all but guaranteed to become an unrestricted free agent, and both Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr are going into the final year of their contracts.

All of this is happening on the heels of a rather disappointing season, as the two timelines strategy did not work and the team was eliminated from the postseason in the Western Conference Semifinals. Now, the Warriors have to figure out how they’re going to navigate all of this without Myers leading the way, and apparently, the strongest voice in the organization prefers for them to run it back with the core that has led them to four championships in the last decade.

“I think the most likely scenario is that the Warriors keep most of this together for at least one more season,” Tim Kawakami of The Athletic wrote in a mailbag this week. “That’s what Curry wants. His opinion sort of matters.”

There have been hints dropped that the preference among the team’s most prominent individuals is to run things back, with Green saying he wants to remain a Warrior for the rest of his life and Kerr stressing that the team isn’t going to be a championship contender if Green doesn’t come back. The difficult part for the Warriors’ front office is balancing that with the reality of how much money this would cost, especially if there are questions about whether this core is capable of winning a championship. But of course, if Curry wants something, the easiest option is to just do that.