Bob Myers Is Stepping Down As The Warriors President And GM

The Golden State Warriors are entering an offseason in which they have a number of big questions to answer, with Klay Thompson extension eligible, Draymond Green a free agent, Steve Kerr entering the final year of his contract, and a need to find better roster balance after struggling with consistency this past season and postseason.

Before all of that can get sorted out, the Warriors need to figure out who is going to be making all of those decisions. Team president and GM Bob Myers is set to have his contract run up at the end of June, and his future with the franchise has been lingering over this entire season. On Tuesday, word broke from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski that Myers was in fact leaving the organization, telling Woj “it’s just time.”

It’s been 11 years since Myers took over as GM in 2012, and since then he has been the architect of the most successful team of the last decade, as the Warriors have won four championships. However, there has been some signs of cracks in the foundation, with some internal turmoil and indecisiveness on what direction they want to go in the immediate future, as they’ve tried to balance winning now with preparing for the future by bringing in young players lottery picks to try and bridge the gap.

Myers will now be the hottest name on the executive market, but it remains to be seen if he wants to immediately jump back into the NBA world or look to go into media or the private sector. As for the Warriors, VP of basketball operations Mike Dunleavy Jr. seems to be the frontrunner to step into the president role, but whether this changes their outlook on this summer’s decisions with their longtime stars is now a massive question that could have ripple effects around the league.