Stephen A. Smith Told A Caller To ‘Go To Hell’ For Suggesting Carmelo Anthony To The Knicks

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The New York Knicks struck out on big free agents this summer after having dreams of pairing two superstars together in Madison Square Garden.

Instead, they’ve cobbled together a group of veteran signings, many of which have a team option for 2020-21, that they hope will offer them flexibility once again next summer and allow for a bit of a step-up this season in terms of their own level of competition. The signings seem much better with the team options, but it still was far from what Knicks fans wanted to see this summer and they aren’t taking it especially well.

No Knicks fan has a more prominent platform with which to express their displeasure than Stephen A. Smith, who appeared on The Jump on Sunday to deliver a tremendous performance and followed it up on Monday with an encore as good as the first on, Get Up!, First Take and his radio show. When Stephen A. opened up the phone lines on his show, he also opened up the opportunity for trolls as one caller told him the Knicks shouldn’t lose hope because Carmelo Anthony is still available, leading to Stephen A. telling the caller to “go to hell.”

It’s spectacular radio, per usual, and Stephen A. saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, I was rude to him on purpose,” may be the best part. Smith isn’t here for your jokes right now at the Knicks expense and he damn sure won’t tolerate it on his radio show.

While I feel terrible for Knicks fans, who once again are going through it, I have to say, this is tremendous content.